Tips to hire a Moving Company

Moving is a stressful, nerve wrecking and expensive task. And if you do not take insurances it can quickly turn into a nightmare. So How do you find a good moving service on whom you can trust with all your belongings and still feel safe in your decision? While I normally recommend pack yourself thing or use you pack/we- drive service but sometimes circumstances does not allow that to work out. If you’re in this situation there are a few tips to get you on the right path to find a good, reputable moving service.

Determine how Far you plan to move and how much stuff you ought to carry with:

Determine how far you are moving from your current location. You moving in the same state but in the different area or moving overseas or moving to another state. This factor will help you figure if you need a moving company or not and will also help you figure if you need to spend the money on a moving company or not.

Determining how much stuff you own and how much are you going to take on your move. Because moving company is going to cost you on the weight or mass you’re carrying, how much space the stuff going to occupy in the vehicle.

Pick up your phonebook and find moving companies:

The first thing you need to do is to get away from your computer and start doing some manual research on moving companies. Get your mobile or call your local real estate agents to find you the moving companies in your area. Try to find movers and packers firm in Dubai that has been in business for more than 5 years and are still doing well.

Do background check:

Go on the chosen company’s site and read about their services. About their course of action, how they benefit their clients, how they estimate the cost of the move, how long they have been in service, read about everything and ask any query if they have any complaint or query message service. Go and see the reviews given by the customers. See if most of the reviews are good, bad or okay.

Ask for references:

Ask people around you who have had previous experience with any moving gather all the risks and threats with the moving services, ask safety questions, estimate their satisfaction level.

Legally established company:

Always look for a legally established company. It saves you a lot of trouble. If a company is not legally documented there are chances you can be conned, because every reputable company gets themselves registered to gain the satisfaction and approval of the client pool.


Check if the company you are making deal with takes the full responsibility of your safe move or not and what do they have to offer in case of any loss. Accountability is a very important point because it’s very hard to trust someone with everything you own. We cannot put safety, security, and assurances on the back seat and relax.