Facts About Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket world cup 2015 was an unique word cup of the cricket history.If I say this world cup was for the bastman it would be true. Cricket world cup 2015 was the first world cup of cricket history in which more than 20,000 scores become.

In this world cup batter made maximum centuries. The maximum score in any cricket world cup was made in cricket world cup 2105, which is 22993.
In World Cup 2015, 14 teams have participated which was divided into TWO group. Total 48 matches were played between 14 cricket teams and overall 22293 score made.

facts about cricket world cup

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This was the very first world cup of the cricket history in which more than 20 thousand scores made.Cricket is becoming fast day bay day, specially after the introduction of the TWO cricket.Before 2015 world cup, in 2011 close to 19 scores made.
In cricket world cup batter made 38 hundreds which is a is 35% more thanĀ  to world cup 2011.In recent world cup batter made 31.17 runs per wicket, which is an another record of this world cup.The very first time in the recent word cup 2015 runs made at an average strike rate of more than 80 runs per hundred balls, where batter made 88.97 scores per 100 balls.
These statistics prove that the introduction of the new power plays rules and used of the heavy bat cricket is no longer for the bowlers.

Matches played at 14 different location of the New Zealand and Australia.

The duration of Cricket world cup 2015 was 44 days.