Notorious Inniges of Sunil Gavaskar in the World Cup

Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar an Indian player

In the beginning of the World Cup 2015 is now only 30 days are left.Preparations of the teams entered into the final stage, and it’s time to repeat the World Cup 40-year history and the “magic moments” Recall which are still fresh in the minds of cricket fans.In magic moment, which are not part of your memory, and some are even will never forget in your life.The first selection is made from the first match of the World Cup, which in fact “magic” moment, but it is probably wrong to say there is definitely an event.Without which the history of the World Cup can not be completely described. This event is tell how much it is difficult for a test batsman to adjust in the ODI cricket match. Just like these days few players have problems in playing T20.It was the 7, June 1975 when the historic World Cup match between India and England was played in the England.Having lost three wickets for just 15 runs England Dennis AIIMS brilliant century from 30 balls in the final moments of the Old Chris through an unbeaten 51 runs put together a great target. England made 334 in 60 overs with the help of Keith Fletcher 68 runs.

India began pursuing the target of 335 runs. Sunil Gavaskar in the beginning¬†forgot his plan .Gavaskar who have made enough runs in the Test cricket.He has performed in one day which is a black mark on his career. He enter into the ground as opening batsman and played half over of India’s innings the 174 balls played but made only 34 even unbeaten.Sunil Gavaskar that day become a suicide bomber.Despite all the achievements of his, this innings is also in mind of cricket fans, and occasionally an interview question about this innings is taken.No that he was a great Indian test batsman but that day was a very hard day for him and Indian cricket team.