How to Hire a Property Maintenance Company in Dubai?

Dubai is global city and life here in Dubai is very fast. In today’s busy life and daily routine, people in Dubai hardly get time to look after their homes. In order to keep their places clean and sparkly, people are going to hiring maintenance companies in Dubai. A plenty of maintenance companies operate in Dubai and if you are experienced you already know how to choose good maintenance company. However, many are new to it and don’t know what to exactly look for when hiring a maintenance company. This article will guide you through the process of hiring this service. Keep reading!

What are your needs?

Before shortlisting the companies, be sure of your needs. Do you require a full-time maintenance company or part time? For how long will you be needing this service? What do you want them to do?Do you need just AC maintenance service or whole building maintenance service?Once you decide then go further. 

What elements to look for when considering a company?

In order to opt for the best maintenance company, you must consider some elements and should not compromise on it.

  • Well trained and experienced staff.
  • The company should be licensed and insured.

You surely don’t want to hire someone who isn’t sure of the working technique as it will only be the waste of time as well as money.

Ask questions

Once you have finalized the list of companies you would be choosing from; ask questions. The company should make you feel comfortable about your queries and should fully satisfy you. You’d be giving the company access to your personal space and it is important that you are confident about them.

  • Run background checks on the company and specifically the employees who’d be working for you.
  • Ask if they have uniforms as you don’t want any stranger going in your home.
  • Look for recommendations regarding that company.

The decision you make while hiring yours first ever maintenance company is going to affect your future choices a lot. If you go wise and opt for a good company, you’ll have numerous benefits coming along your way. However, a bad choice can result in otherwise.So, do your proper research before contacting any maintenance company.

How to Import a Laptop From Dubai

How to Import a Laptop From Dubai

Purchasing or importing technical devices like laptops from other countries especially from Dubai is far cheaper than purchasing it from home country’s markets. People are more prone towards importing such items from other renowned countries because they have the perception in mind that importing is more satisfactory instead of buying from own country. I have bought a laptop from a Dubai website online and imported it to Pakistan last week. You can place your order of laptop through an online website because it would be more easy and cheaper instead of going yourself and purchasing it specifically. On a website like, you can place the order according to the specifications that best suit your needs and requirements. I did enough research and found has offered a good deal at laptop price in Dubai. Then it would be applied custom duty for getting entry into your country that is some percentage of your laptop’s price if it exceeds the limit price stated by the custom. This is for the person who wants to purchase it for its individual purpose but if you want to import more laptops to start a business in your own country. The proper paperwork is needed to be shown highlighting your purpose of import along with the documents of your business and company name. as you are bringing from other countries to your home country then you have to pay the shipping cost for it as well. It is bit complex method but once you get used to it then there would be no hurdle in import. The process would be legalized according to the rules and regulations of the state. Buy Dell laptop in UAE at discount from