How to Hire a Property Maintenance Company in Dubai?

Dubai is global city and life here in Dubai is very fast. In today’s busy life and daily routine, people in Dubai hardly get time to look after their homes. In order to keep their places clean and sparkly, people are going to hiring maintenance companies in Dubai. A plenty of maintenance companies operate in Dubai and if you are experienced you already know how to choose good maintenance company. However, many are new to it and don’t know what to exactly look for when hiring a maintenance company. This article will guide you through the process of hiring this service. Keep reading!

What are your needs?

Before shortlisting the companies, be sure of your needs. Do you require a full-time maintenance company or part time? For how long will you be needing this service? What do you want them to do?Do you need just AC maintenance service or whole building maintenance service?Once you decide then go further. 

What elements to look for when considering a company?

In order to opt for the best maintenance company, you must consider some elements and should not compromise on it.

  • Well trained and experienced staff.
  • The company should be licensed and insured.

You surely don’t want to hire someone who isn’t sure of the working technique as it will only be the waste of time as well as money.

Ask questions

Once you have finalized the list of companies you would be choosing from; ask questions. The company should make you feel comfortable about your queries and should fully satisfy you. You’d be giving the company access to your personal space and it is important that you are confident about them.

  • Run background checks on the company and specifically the employees who’d be working for you.
  • Ask if they have uniforms as you don’t want any stranger going in your home.
  • Look for recommendations regarding that company.

The decision you make while hiring yours first ever maintenance company is going to affect your future choices a lot. If you go wise and opt for a good company, you’ll have numerous benefits coming along your way. However, a bad choice can result in otherwise.So, do your proper research before contacting any maintenance company.

How to Import a Laptop From Dubai

How to Import a Laptop From Dubai

Purchasing or importing technical devices like laptops from other countries especially from Dubai is far cheaper than purchasing it from home country’s markets. People are more prone towards importing such items from other renowned countries because they have the perception in mind that importing is more satisfactory instead of buying from own country. I have bought a laptop from a Dubai website online and imported it to Pakistan last week. You can place your order of laptop through an online website because it would be more easy and cheaper instead of going yourself and purchasing it specifically. On a website like, you can place the order according to the specifications that best suit your needs and requirements. I did enough research and found has offered a good deal at laptop price in Dubai. Then it would be applied custom duty for getting entry into your country that is some percentage of your laptop’s price if it exceeds the limit price stated by the custom. This is for the person who wants to purchase it for its individual purpose but if you want to import more laptops to start a business in your own country. The proper paperwork is needed to be shown highlighting your purpose of import along with the documents of your business and company name. as you are bringing from other countries to your home country then you have to pay the shipping cost for it as well. It is bit complex method but once you get used to it then there would be no hurdle in import. The process would be legalized according to the rules and regulations of the state. Buy Dell laptop in UAE at discount from


Tips to hire a Moving Company

Moving is a stressful, nerve wrecking and expensive task. And if you do not take insurances it can quickly turn into a nightmare. So How do you find a good moving service on whom you can trust with all your belongings and still feel safe in your decision? While I normally recommend pack yourself thing or use you pack/we- drive service but sometimes circumstances does not allow that to work out. If you’re in this situation there are a few tips to get you on the right path to find a good, reputable moving service.

Determine how Far you plan to move and how much stuff you ought to carry with:

Determine how far you are moving from your current location. You moving in the same state but in the different area or moving overseas or moving to another state. This factor will help you figure if you need a moving company or not and will also help you figure if you need to spend the money on a moving company or not.

Determining how much stuff you own and how much are you going to take on your move. Because moving company is going to cost you on the weight or mass you’re carrying, how much space the stuff going to occupy in the vehicle.

Pick up your phonebook and find moving companies:

The first thing you need to do is to get away from your computer and start doing some manual research on moving companies. Get your mobile or call your local real estate agents to find you the moving companies in your area. Try to find movers and packers firm in Dubai that has been in business for more than 5 years and are still doing well.

Do background check:

Go on the chosen company’s site and read about their services. About their course of action, how they benefit their clients, how they estimate the cost of the move, how long they have been in service, read about everything and ask any query if they have any complaint or query message service. Go and see the reviews given by the customers. See if most of the reviews are good, bad or okay.

Ask for references:

Ask people around you who have had previous experience with any moving gather all the risks and threats with the moving services, ask safety questions, estimate their satisfaction level.

Legally established company:

Always look for a legally established company. It saves you a lot of trouble. If a company is not legally documented there are chances you can be conned, because every reputable company gets themselves registered to gain the satisfaction and approval of the client pool.


Check if the company you are making deal with takes the full responsibility of your safe move or not and what do they have to offer in case of any loss. Accountability is a very important point because it’s very hard to trust someone with everything you own. We cannot put safety, security, and assurances on the back seat and relax.


Facts About Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket world cup 2015 was an unique word cup of the cricket history.If I say this world cup was for the bastman it would be true. Cricket world cup 2015 was the first world cup of cricket history in which more than 20,000 scores become.

In this world cup batter made maximum centuries. The maximum score in any cricket world cup was made in cricket world cup 2105, which is 22993.
In World Cup 2015, 14 teams have participated which was divided into TWO group. Total 48 matches were played between 14 cricket teams and overall 22293 score made.

facts about cricket world cup

cricket world cup 2015 logo

This was the very first world cup of the cricket history in which more than 20 thousand scores made.Cricket is becoming fast day bay day, specially after the introduction of the TWO cricket.Before 2015 world cup, in 2011 close to 19 scores made.
In cricket world cup batter made 38 hundreds which is a is 35% more than  to world cup 2011.In recent world cup batter made 31.17 runs per wicket, which is an another record of this world cup.The very first time in the recent word cup 2015 runs made at an average strike rate of more than 80 runs per hundred balls, where batter made 88.97 scores per 100 balls.
These statistics prove that the introduction of the new power plays rules and used of the heavy bat cricket is no longer for the bowlers.

Matches played at 14 different location of the New Zealand and Australia.

The duration of Cricket world cup 2015 was 44 days.

West Indies Defeated South Africa In 4th ODI

West Indies Defeated South Africa

West Indies Defeated South Africa

West Indies defeated South Africa in one day match for the last time in 2006.Since then played 16 and did not succeed in winning any match.15 defeats encountered in ODIs Came to an end on a basis of equality.But the competition in Port Elizabeth on Sunday crossed all boundaries of the sensationalism.At the end of the match West Indies got victory by one wicket .

Chasing a target of 263 runs in the West Indies winning hand this time seem dying.When West Indies had lost five wickets for only 73 runs .At this stage Sammy and Marlon Samuels made the partnership of 93 runs.

Sammy was dismissed after scoring 51 runs on 52 balls.His innings included five fours and two sixes, which fell out of the ground.Shortly after his departure Samuels will also get a call.Farhan beautiful ball took away his wicket.
Samuels made 68 runs on 93 balls.After loosing Samuels wicket there was less chance of west indies win.Because then West Indies was in need of 74 runs to win.Except, Andre Russell there was no batsman, which can help west indies to win the match.
Russell hit the two spectacular sixes in the same over, and then on the third ball of the next over, he finished the game.

Russell scored just 64 runs on 40 balls.His inning included five sixes and the same number of fours.When at 40 runs AB de Villiers dropped his catch.aybe that was the moment when West Indies got the opportunity to return in the match.Earlier, South Africa thanks to David Miller’s brilliant century despite having the difficult situation was set 262 runs.
South Africa’s strongly felt the lack of of Hashim Amla and Dale Steyn, easily won the first three in the presence of these.

The fifth and Last ODI match will be played at Centurion on January 28.

Notorious Inniges of Sunil Gavaskar in the World Cup

Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar an Indian player

In the beginning of the World Cup 2015 is now only 30 days are left.Preparations of the teams entered into the final stage, and it’s time to repeat the World Cup 40-year history and the “magic moments” Recall which are still fresh in the minds of cricket fans.In magic moment, which are not part of your memory, and some are even will never forget in your life.The first selection is made from the first match of the World Cup, which in fact “magic” moment, but it is probably wrong to say there is definitely an event.Without which the history of the World Cup can not be completely described. This event is tell how much it is difficult for a test batsman to adjust in the ODI cricket match. Just like these days few players have problems in playing T20.It was the 7, June 1975 when the historic World Cup match between India and England was played in the England.Having lost three wickets for just 15 runs England Dennis AIIMS brilliant century from 30 balls in the final moments of the Old Chris through an unbeaten 51 runs put together a great target. England made 334 in 60 overs with the help of Keith Fletcher 68 runs.

India began pursuing the target of 335 runs. Sunil Gavaskar in the beginning forgot his plan .Gavaskar who have made enough runs in the Test cricket.He has performed in one day which is a black mark on his career. He enter into the ground as opening batsman and played half over of India’s innings the 174 balls played but made only 34 even unbeaten.Sunil Gavaskar that day become a suicide bomber.Despite all the achievements of his, this innings is also in mind of cricket fans, and occasionally an interview question about this innings is taken.No that he was a great Indian test batsman but that day was a very hard day for him and Indian cricket team.

Misbah-Ul-Haq Announced His Retirement After the World Cup 2015

Pakistan cricket captain Misbah-Ul-Haq announced his retirement after the World Cup 2015. Misbah-ul-Haq said It is the right time to get the retirement from the ODI cricket, he decided after consultation with family and close friends, but will continue to play Test cricket after the World Cup 2015.The PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan,has confirmed that Misbah this decision is taken as a private individual. Misbah further said he is not able to give his suggestion at this time because it can up set the cricket players but next caption should be like me on that PCB can trust.Misbah said the way cricket played I’m very satisfied.And no sorrow or regret, In the World Cup 2015 ,I want to make more than a century and a desire to retire from cricket with good records.It was good enough to be the captain and the carrier had the opportunity to better betting fans pray for our success in the World Cup. I hope in the World Cup 2015 I’ll be completely perfect.Keep in mind, Misbah-ul-Haq has represented Pakistan in 153 ODIs in which he scored 4 thousand 669, he played 53 Tests and 39 also represented Pakistan Cricket Team. Misbah-ul-Haq, played his first match against New Zealand in 2002, in Lahore.So far he scored 4669, with an average high of 42.83 in 153 matches.

Misbah-Ul-Haq  Retirement

Misbah-Ul-Haq Said Good Bye to ODI Cricket

Misbah scored without any hundred most of the one-day batsman, who is unbeaten innings of 96.A total of 37 half-centuries he made.Misbah In May 2011, the then captain Shahid Afridi and coach Waqar Younis after conflicts between them took command of Pakistan’s One Day cricket.Since then Pakistan in 78 ODIs have led. Of which Pakistan won 41 and 34 defeated.Individually, a memorable years in 2013 after spending the previous year Misbah failed completely and throughout the year only 285 runs in 12 matches.He was so fed up  form ODI performance this is why he withdrew himself from a last match of series against Australia , but once again he appear in full color and equaled the Viv Richards record of fastest century 100 at 56 balls.But before the one-day series against New Zealand because of the pain out of the thigh he could not continue his performance in one-day.One-day as captain Misbah-ul-Haq most memorable moments were victory of Asia Cup in 2012 and then  defeated to India and South Africa .

Some Famous Cricket Player Who Will Not Be Part of World Cup 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Festival make up only a month left in the tournament, all teams have announced their final 15 players, but some big names of cricket who will not be part of world cup 2015.If we talk about India most powerful country of big three,Indian cricket board skipped the Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag and Harbijin  Singh,  in the World Cup 2015 team.This sort of news was circulating in the media during a domestic cricket match injured Ravindra Jadeja to replace Yuvraj Singh will be included, but the BCCI including Sandeep Patil. Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen of England as the big names are excluded from. The third Big three  country Australia bowler Ryan Harris is not included in the squad for the World Cup.

West Indies Cricket Board to decide on the most surprising Kieron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo two match winning players did not in the squad.The surprising thing is that both players are representing their country in going T20 cricket match series.Pakistan also some players not included in the World Cup final squad of former cricketers believe they should be included in the team. These players Fawad Alam, Asad Shafiq, including Anwar Ali and Bilawal Bhatti. While Umar Gul is also not part of  the Pakistani squad which is very surprising news for Pakistan and others cricket fans.Instead of this PCB included Ehsan Adil and Sohail which does not has much experienced in playing international cricket at high level.Pakistan will aslo missed Saeed Ajmal in this world cup.

Misbah-ul-Haq’s Ranking Down In the ICC Test Ranking

Test batsman Misbah-UL-Haq’s ranking has slipped under the feet of the ground, a rank loss was out of the top ten, Younis Khan arrives eighth down the stairs.

Misbah-ul-Haq's Ranking Down

Misbah-ul-Haq’s is not in Top 10 now.

Kumar Sangakkara has taken back the first position from de Villiers. Steven Smith and Williamson had a career-best ranking stands, Mohammad Shami and Mitchell Starc excellent performances also found in the rankings. According to the Pakistan captain Misbah-UL-Haq recently played a series in UAE, thanks to the excellent performances made a place in the top ten again, but his stay there was temporary.A New Zealand Williamson 7 degree jump out of the top ten leading cause. Williamson proved against Sri Lanka in the second Test in Wellington, who had scored an unbeaten 242 runs (69) and therefore now reached a career-best position. Star batsman Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka’s innings in Wellington scored 203 runs, due to this he reached the top position again, This place was taken by South Africa’s AB de Villiers and now they’re down to a number of others have taken up position. Smith, who led Austrarila in the Test series against India made a progress and reached at number four.

India’s Virat Kohli, who scored in the recent series helped him to having reached 12th place. Pakistan’s Younis Khan also had to face a rank loss, which has now reached from seventh to eighth. Best Bowling in the second Test against Sri Lanka Trent bolt rewarded rank growth and now reached the sixth, India’s Mohammad Shami a seven-degree jumps reached a career-high No on 31. Similar Mitchell Star of Australia got a progress and now is on 33 position in the ICC TEST Ranking.

Top 5 Shahid Afridi Record

Shahid Afridi Record

Shahid Afridi Record List

Shahid Khan Afridi

In the list of the top and famous Pakistani cricketers, we never miss out mentioning the name of Shahid Afridi.  He is no doubt one of the famous and well-known players found inside the cricket world of Pakistan. He was born with the name of Sahibzada Shahid Khan Afridi as also known as Boom Boom Afridi. He was born on 1 March 1980. In the year between1996 and 2012, Afridi played 27 Tests, 350 One Day Internationals, and 59 Twenty20 Internationals
(T20Is) for the Pakistani national team. He made his ODI debut on 2 October 1996 against Kenya and his Test debut on 22 October in the year 1998 against Australia. Afridi has even played more ODI matches than any other Pakistani cricket player. The best thing that made him so famous is his aggressive batting style. He has just newly held the record for the fastest ODI century as in 37 deliveries. Shahid Afridi thinks that he is an excellent bowler besides being the batsman. He has taken over48 Test wickets and over 350 in ODIs. He is spotted inside the
third on the list of leading wicket-takers in the Twenty20 format as behind Saeed Ajmal and Umer Gul of Pakistan. He has even signed to play for Sydney Thunder in Australia’s Twenty20 Big Bash league. He is now 33 years old and it seems like he is still at the young age of the international stage for ages.

See: Shahid Afridi performance in PSL T20 at

Best and Top 5 Shahid Afridi Record:

Below we will be going highlighting down the list of excellent and top 5 Shahid Afridi Records:

1. He made his fastest century in the ODI cricket with the runs of 102 in just 37 balls.

2. He was the youngest player to score in the ODI at the age of 16 years old.

3. He made his 2nd fastest fifty in the ODI in just 18 balls.

4. His highest career strike rate in ODI Cricket is 114.6.

5. He has made most sixes in the ODI that are almost 313.

Well just like all such records there are so many other records as well that have been made by Shahid Afridi in his so far career. He has been honored with the Man of the Match Awards many times as by any Pakistani player that is almost 30 times. He is spotted as being the 3rd highest number of wicket-taker in T20 career that is maximum 63. Is Shahid Afridi one of your favorite players too?

I am feeling so bad. Shahid Afridi will be retired after world cup 2015 form OID Cricket.

I made this list by taking some points from here